BHER undergraduate students in class in Dadaab, circa 2018

I retired in the autumn of 2018 from the Anthropology Department of the Faculty of Liberal and Professional Studies (LA&PS) at York University.  I no longer teach at York University, but I am a Research Associate in the Centre for Refugee Studies.

BHER project

left to right : highschool teacher, Dr Marangu Ndgogu and Wenona Giles, in the Dadaab camps, circa 2012

Most of my research at York University since 1993 has been housed in the Centre for Refugee Studies, including the. Borderless Higher Education for Refugees (see the BHER website) I am currently working on a book on the BHER project with Don Dippo and Aida Orgocka.

Women graduating students in Dadaab, 2018

The BHER project is now led by Professor Don Dippo, in the Faculty of Education. The project is located in the Dadaab refugee camps in north-eastern Kenya.