Refugees in Extended Exile: Living on the Edge, 1st Edition

By Wenona Giles, Jennifer Hyndman Routledge, 2017 This book argues that the international refugee regime and its ‘temporary’ humanitarian interventions have failed. Most refugees across the global live in ‘protracted’ conditions that extend from years to decades, without legal status that allows them to work and establish a home. It is contended that they become […]

Sites of Violence: Gender and Conflict Zones

By Wenona Giles (Editor), Jennifer Hyndman (Editor) University of California Press, June 2004, First Edition In conflict zones from Iraq and Afghanistan to Guatemala and Somalia, the rules of war are changing dramatically. Distinctions between battlefield and home, soldier and civilian, state security and domestic security are breaking down. In this especially timely book, a […]

Feminists Under Fire Exchanges Across War Zones

Editor-in-chief Wenona Giles; Edited by Malathi de Alwis, Edith Klein and Neluka Silva  Editorial board member Maja Kora Between the Lines, May 2003 Feminists Under Fire is about women living and working in conflict zones. Focusing on the civil wars in Sri Lanka and the former Yugoslavia, diverse authors face the problems of nationalism, ethnic […]

When Care Work Goes Global: Locating the Social Relations of Domestic Work, 1st Edition

Edited by Mary Romero, Valerie Preston, Wenona Giles Routledge, August 28, 2014 Women who migrate into domestic labour and care work are the single largest female occupational group migrating globally at present. Their participation in global migration systems has been acknowledged but remains under-theorized. Specifically, the impacts of women migrating into care work in the […]